Agriculture 101

Animal Care Animal health is of utmost importance to livestock farmers. Proper animal care leads to the production of high quality milk, meat and eggs. Nutritious diets, healthy living conditions and good medical care are all essential for a healthy herd or flock, and these are among the many animal care practices routinely used byContinue reading “Agriculture 101”

Stearns County Agriculture

Livestock Production • Stearns County has 64,000 dairy cows, making it the 16th largest dairy county in the nation. • Over 4 million turkeys are raised in Stearns County each year, making it the second largest turkey county in the state. • Stearns County is the No. 1 livestock producer in Minnesota; it also ranks No.Continue reading “Stearns County Agriculture”

Learn More

All links open in a new page. Dairy → Dairy Farming Today → Dairy Makes Sense → Midwest Dairy Association → The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy → Why Milk? → Got Milk? → National Dairy Council Beef → Minnesota Beef Council → Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner Swine → Minnesota Pork Board → Pork: The Other White Meat Sheep → Sheep 101 → American Lamb PoultryContinue reading “Learn More”