Image Credits

• Photos of host farms provided by the hosts, the Dairy Star, Midwest Dairy Association and committee members.

• Event photos provided by committee members and hosts.

• Photos of dairy cattle courtesy of the Dairy Star.

• Photos of hogs courtesy of Minnesota Pork Board and Royalty Free Images.

• Photos of sheep courtesy of Susan Schoenian.

• Photos of turkeys courtesy of Minnesota Turkey Growers Assoc.

Video Credits

Landwehr Dairy video produced by Midwest Dairy Association.
Schefers Dairy video produced by Vita Plus Corporation.

Content Credits

• Broiler and Egg Association of Minnesota
• Midwest Dairy Association
• Minnesota Farm Bureau
• Minnesota Pork Board
• Minnesota Turkey Growers Association
• Susan Schoenian of Sheep 101

Design Credits

• Site graphics were provided, in part, by the Dairy Star.

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