Over 2,500 people visited Landwehr Dairy, home of Dennis, Marlene & Mike Landwehr, for the 2012 Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm.

Meet the Landwehrs

Dennis and Marlene Landwehr and their son, Mike, are the third and fourth generations of the Landwehr family to dairy farm in southern Stearns County. Landwehr Dairy, located just north of Watkins, Minn., includes three farm sites: one for the milking cows, one for cows and heifers about to have their calves, and one for baby calves. The three sites are managed by Dennis, Marlene and Mike, with help from their herdsman, Isaac Miller, and 14 other employees. In addition to managing the dairy, the Landwehrs also grow corn and alfalfa to provide feed for their animals.

Back, L to R: Dennis & Marlene Landwehr
Front: Heather, Mike and Rhonda Landwehr

The Landwehrs are active in the dairy industry and their local community and enjoy welcoming visitors to their farm. They recently hosted a University of Minnesota Extension Field Day and a farm tour for inner-city youth from the school where the Landwehrs’ daughter, Rhonda, worked as a teacher. The Landwehrs’ youngest daughter, Heather, works in Elk River.

Dennis explains milking in the parlor.
Baby calves in the calf barn.
Students on a tour of the farm.
Students meet cows in one of the barns.

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