Over 1,500 people enjoyed the sunshine and vast array of farm animals at Schefers Dairy Farm during the 2011 Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm.

About the Scheferses

Lyle and Becky Schefers along with their children — Veronica, Cory, Elizabeth and Benjamin — own and operate Schefers Dairy Farm, which borders the city limits of St. Stephen. Lyle started the dairy farm in 1992 with nine cows while working an off-the-farm job. By 1999, the herd had grown to 70 cows. At this time, he expanded the herd to approximately 230 cows. A new freestall barn and youngstock facility were constructed and a double-12 parlor was retrofitted into the existing tiestall barn.

L to R: Cory, Veronica, Elizabeth, Lyle and Becky holding Benjamin

In 2007, the Scheferses made many more improvements to their farm in order to comply with county ordinances. They put in a new manure storage basin and renovated their existing manure storage basin to ensure zero discharge. They also added two concrete stacking slabs and began injecting their manure directly into the soil, which maximizes the value of the organic fertilizer and minimizes odor. To make the project feasible, they expanded their herd, doubled the size of their freestall barn and heifer raising facilities, and built a new dry cow barn.

While making these improvements to their facilities, the Scheferses decided to go the extra mile to beautify their farm. They added an earthen berm along the new pit and planted 700 trees on it for beautification purposes. They landscaped the front yard, adding a gazebo and rock walls, reseeding the lawn and installing a sprinkler system.

Farm Profile

Animal care and the environment are top priorities at Schefers Dairy Farm.

Owners: Lyle & Becky Schefers

Cows Milked: 430

Acres Farmed: 1,400

Crops Grown: Corn, Alfalfa

Employees: 10 full-time; 1 part-time

Becky manages the livestock.
Lyle manages the crops.
The Schefers Dairy Farm employees

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