Nearly 750 people visited North Oak Dairy, home of the Herdering family, for the first-ever Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm in 2008.

About the Herderings

L to R: Kristin, Pam, Grace, Luke, Steve, Matt

Steve and Pam started farming in 1987 when they purchased North Oak Dairy from Pam’s father, Leo Eveslage. While Steve was working toward earning his agriculture business degree at North Dakota State University, Pam raised pigs on the farm and worked off the farm at the Veterans Administration Hospital in St. Cloud.

After Steve graduated in the winter of 1988, the Herderings bought cows and heifers to fill their 50-stall barn. Steve’s parents, Alvin and Carol, helped the Herderings get started in the dairy industry by lending them machinery to plant and harvest their crops.

Over the years, time took its toll on the Herderings’ barn. In the late 1990s, Steve and Pam decided it was time to build a new facility. They spent about five years looking at different farms and finally chose to build a freestall barn for their cows. They were impressed with the improved cow comfort provided by freestall barns. Their cows moved into their new barn in 2002. In 2006, the Herderings remodeled the south part of their old dairy barn into a double-8 milking parlor to reduce the amount of time it took to milk their cows. With the comfortable new barn and the faster milking times, the Herderings’ cows now happily produce an average of over 2,800 gallons (24,500 pounds) of milk per year.

In addition to milking cows, the Herderings grow alfalfa, corn and barley on 300 acres of land.

Farm Profile

Owners: Steve and Pam Herdering

Cows Milked: 120

Acres Farmed: 300

Crops Grown: Corn, Alfalfa, Barley

Employees: Two part-time high school students; Steve and Pam’s children help on the farm

Community Involvement

The Herderings are important members of their community. Steve and Pam are active in their church and their local Jaycees organization. Their children keep busy with school sports and extra-curricular activities, too.


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